*Cached xml is generated each day by automated process

Link to cached xml file https://extensionsell.com/app/xml/c/dalibor6.xml

Link to your XML feed (live) https://extensionsell.com/app/xml/export2.php?shop=dalibor6

*Cached xml is faster and is generated each time you visit real time xml link with &save=1 in url

Live feed reflect any change in your shop to feed. If you change price, name, quantity etc. in your store and visit link you will see changes.

Collections are cached in all feeds, you can change this in settings.

If you have more than 2000 products it may not show all in first 10 min from app installation.

It may take time for browser to render bigger number. So you can use limited test link for testing https://extensionsell.com/app/xml/export2.php?shop=dalibor6&limit=240

Select tags and change tags name