Multi vendor ( separate shipping )

Multi vendor ( separate shipping )
This extension is same as this just have separate shipping cost for each vendor.

In vendor settings he can add his own cost for different weight and region ( and tax for shipping )
Users can add separate products in your store. They can edit , copy , view , delete only their products
I use term vendor for this users.

Vendor have separate admin space.

On front end they have page with their products and information ( address , email, logo , name, description , phone)

Demo login with admin/admin
( use different browser for admin and vendor because they use same security settings)

See product from orders here Sale->Order Product
You can create vendors from admin or they can register from frontend

Add vendors in Sale->vendor

There is enable status for vendor and Product status.
If product status is disabled all products that this vendor add will be disabled.

Vendor can be added from front end in http://yoursitename/index.php?route=vendor/vendor

Vendor can log in http://yoursitename/vendor with his email and password ( if he is enabled)

Vendor can view only orders with his products in Sale -> order
He can change order status( history ).
Note that he will see totals from orders including other products prices.

If you want to separate orders only by his products you can do that in Sale -> order product .
Here he can see only his products from orders and change status only for product( not full order)

In extension/module there is Vendor module . Install , Enable and set where you want to show on frontend.
It shows list of vendors (with status enable) at front end (same as category).
On click it will take you to vendor page with his products and informations(name, logo , description , address , telephone, email)

Vendor can see/edit/add his returns in Sale->returns ( but only if model and order_id are correct)
Vendor can see/edit/add his reviews in Catalog->Reviews
Vendor can change his profile( email , password ,description , address ...)

Total sales price at dashboard , statistic for orders,tax,shipping are for full order including products that arent on that vendor.

Admin can filter products and orders by vendor.
Separate folder for each vendor ( for images ).
Seo url for vendor page.
If you set up Product status for that vendor to be disabled , all products that he will enter will be disabled and only admin can enable them.


kurojigen 5 months ago

hi, are you guys planning on making an app for this system? for your merchant system?


dalibor 5 months ago

what do you mean? mobile app?



cemkeser06 6 months ago

do you have demo


dalibor 6 months ago

Demo login with admin/admin



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